Kids are taught to say please and thank you and mind their manners at school and in the community. But as coaches, we know that manners can be forgotten on the court. Practices or games. Rep teams or house league. Athletes may roll their eyes, throw up their hands, or forget that everyone involved should be treated with respect.

Elite’s life skills curriculum teaches athletes that all coaches, referees, and teammates deserve a player’s best manners. We teach athletes why coaches prefer respectful players – whether things are going their way or not, whether they are on the bench or on the court. How a player interacts with referees, teammates, and other players stands out, and inappropriate manners reflect poorly on a school, organization, or player. Bottom line – manners matter.

Our responsibility is to teach athletes that impeccable manners will help them succeed on the court and later in life. Making this our responsibility means not accepting anything less. One day our athletes will lean on their experiences in sport to guide them in school and careers. Displaying good manners in difficult interactions and tough situations will help them excel and reach their life goals.