Teen Camp


Teen Training Camp (Boys and Girls Ages 13 – 16)

The Elite Camps Teen Training Camp is an intense and competitive basketball training program. The camp is designed for athletes who have a high level of interest in basketball and want to take their game to the next level. Our instructors are top-level pro and university players, who use exciting drills to emphasize fundamentals, maximize training and challenge athletes mentally and physically.

Required Skill Level:

Intermediate to Advanced – Come ready to play and train hard!

*Program varies based on athletes in attendance*

Camp Highlights

Basketball Skill Clinics

  • Triple Threat
  • Core Strength Training
  • Spacing the Court
  • Intensity Station
  • Ball Handling Transition
  • 1on1 Moves Footwork
  • Boxing Out and Rebounding
  • Post moves
  • Defense
  • Precision Passing
  • Game Shooting Playing Component
  • 1on1 King of the Court
  • 3on3 Tournaments
  • 5on5 Full Court Games
  • Shooting Competitions
  • 5on5 Continuous Full Court
  • 1on1
  • Special Situation Workshops
  • Fast Break/Transition
  • Man to Man and Zone Offences
  • Fast-Paced Passing Drills
  • Man to Man and Zone Defenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the children be split into groups?
A: Athletes will be split by age and ability.

Q: What should my child wear to camp?
A: Athletes should bring a water bottle, and be ready to play basketball, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and basketball shoes.

Q: Will my child be outside playing basketball?
A: All basketball camp programs take place inside in the gym.

  • Teen Camp

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