Chris Tugman, Wesleyan University (Conneticut, NCAA D3) Men’s Basketball Team

I began attending Elite Camps at the age of 11 and was immediately placed in Teen Camp. In Teen Camp I was pushed to my physical limit and beyond. By going to Elite I was able to sharpen my skills and develop my body. The coaches put me through countless drills to develop my ball-handling, shooting, passing, all of which helped me tremendously. Elite’s lessons were not restricted to the sphere of basketball. Each coached preached the importance of perseverance, teamwork, effort and sacrifice. All of these lessons that I have learned have helped me become a better basketball player and more importantly a better person. I would like to thank Elite camps for all their help over the years. Their dedication and passion for coaching is unmatched and with their help I have become the player I am today.


To the staff at Elite Camps, My son is 12 years old and basketball has become one of his biggest passions. He has been playing since he was 9 years old and I have watched with delight as he has progressed in this sport. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the coaching staff at Elite Camps who have taken him from a normal player to a truly amazing player. I have marveled at the team camaraderie and good sportsmanship that they have developed in all their players. It’s not about one player, it’s about every player working together as a team and I’ve seen this first hand. I have been inspired by this program which helps develop great basketball skills as well as helping to developing well rounded athletes. Elite Camps helps educate and encourage good eating habits and encourages players to make healthy life skill choices. I would highly recommend Elite Camps to any family that would like to teach their child basketball skills along with amazing and important life skills. We couldn’t be more pleased with the wonderful impact Elite Camps has had on our son. With my sincerest thanks,


We have been part of the Elite Camps “family” for five years now. My son Adam was 6 years old when he first attended an Elite Camps summer session. He fell in love with the whole environment; it was skill-building but also fun; disciplined but also social; and it had the best, most fun-loving and personable, child-friendly coaches. He was hooked! Over the years, he participated in countless camp sessions and clinics and became more and more involved. Last year, at only 9 years old, he was fortunate enough to be offered a spot in the EABA Academy program, and now in his 2nd year, he has absolutely flourished in this highly disciplined, skill-building setting. While all of the Elite staff are top-notch, I cannot say enough about the EABA coaches and how much they put their heart and soul into each of “their” kids….. They take great pride in their coaching role and it shows. And the kids are thriving in this environment; the EABA philosophy is clearly working for everyone.

I highly recommend any of the Elite Camps programs to anyone who is considering them. It has been a very big influence in my son’s life and his love of the sport. And we all feel part of the Elite Camps extended family!


I’ve just recently completed the teen training camp, and I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality and results from the camp. Certainly, it was the most productive week I’ve ever experienced as an athlete.


Elite’s Guard Camp promised a comprehensive position specific camp and boy did they deliver. My son’s were exposed to guard specific skills in a competitive, encouraging and fun filled environment. This camp had everything; the repetitions, the skill development and a purposeful playing component.


The instruction my son received at the Guard camp has allowed him to approach the game with confidence and athleticism. The tools and skills that he learned have improved his game significantly and allowed him to strive and achieve new goals. The instructors were professional , supportive, motivating and inspirational. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting. This is one camp that he will be returning to definitely! Keep up the excellent work.


My daughter and son both enjoyed the youth camp and picked up a remarkable amount of skills as well as a love for the game. The instructors were impressive, professional and inspirational!


It is important to us that our girls remain positive athletes and your program has done that.


I am pleased to report that my daughter had an amazing day at camp yesterday. She was anxious upon arrival but the staff very quickly made her feel comfortable. She said the drills and scrimmages were great and that she appreciated the quality and intensity of coaching she was receiving. I’ve heard consistently great things about Elite Camps and I’m thrilled to report that..we were both very pleased with the results. Thank you for offering such a respected and effective place for kids–particularly teens–to learn and have fun!

Naomi & Shawn

Three years ago we were looking for a program that would help our then 9 year old son develop some athletic skill and discipline. We chose Elite hoping that he would take an interest in basketball. We were astonished when he made his school team that year but we were even more impressed by the more mature and focussed attitude we noticed him taking toward other activities such as school work. We promptly signed up our other two (8 year old) kids hoping for similar results. We were not disappointed. We expected our younger son to do well and he has been one of the top players on his school team for the past 2 years thanks to Elite. Our daughter who expressed no interest in basketball and was unable to hit the rim from under a lowered hoop also made her school team after a year of Elite and now loves the sport. All three kids continue to look forward to weekly clinics. If you are looking for a basketball school with a refined teaching philosophy and top notch coaches, Elite is for you. We cannot say enough good things about the program, its staff and the positive influence it has had on our kids’ lives.


My daughters have been at a number of camps this year and I know they are enjoying this one because they fall over each other at the end of the day trying to tell me what happened in camp…They gave us an unequivocal “yes” when we asked them if they are enjoying the experience. They also mentioned that it is well-organized and it reminded me of a comment a parent made to me about your sessions during the school year – that there is no horsing around and you take the game seriously and treat it with respect. I strongly encourage you to continue running things that way to show our kids the importance of discipline.


My son has had great interest in the last 2 years in developing his basketball skills but through his house league and school teams, he just hasn’t been able to receive some one-on-one instruction. Furthermore, local camps are more suited for just game play and have been disappointing for him. However, when he came out to the July Elite camp, he did find it tiring but he loved it! He felt that it really helped his game and he took to the coaches…in what they had to say…not only about basketball but about life lessons! This has made a huge impact on him and that is why he wanted to come back. He described to me that he felt that he was still getting better and learning even more this week, hoping to take his game up another level. Thank you so much for providing the environment that stimulates teens and makes them rise to the challenge to be even better. It was exactly what we were looking for!


First of all I wanted to thank you and everyone at elite camps…for making this past week so amazing. I never knew I could learn that much in just a week and their motivation pushed me all the way helping me get much better. Best week I have had by far.


Our son joined the after school program offered by Elite at our local public school when he was in grade 2. Over the past two years, he has developed excellent ball-handling skills, a very solid shooting technique, proficient defensive skills and a surprisingly sophisticated understanding of the rules and tactics (offensive and defensive) of the game for someone of his age. He is thrilled to have made the school basketball team this year in spite of only being in grade 4! I can see similar results in the skill and confidence level of other children who have participated in this program, as compared with children who have not had the benefit of Elite’s training. This outcome is a result of Elite’s philosophy of combining hard work with FUN, as exhibited by Elite’s excellent and dynamic coaching staff. The skills and coordination our son has developed through the Elite after school program has also helped him to excel in other sports activites, as well as giving him the confidence of knowing what he can achieve through hard work. I would highly recommend the Elite program to anyone who is involved in organizing the after school programming for their children’s school!


I just wanted to tell you that both my kids have been so happy! They absolutely love Elite! I believe a lot of this has to do with your Coaches. They really do make the kids feel special. I’m very impressed to hear all of the tales each night. Not only is your camp extremely challenging, it is fun too! Each day when I pick up my two kids, they are red faced and sweaty —all signs that they are working hard. They get up eager to get to camp… they love it so much…Thank you for providing a fun, safe and athletic environment where they get both fitness and continue to work on skill development and developing confidence…. well done!


Just wanted to share this info with David and his staff from elite that my son…had a wondeful week full of enthusiam and hope. He loved his coach Justin and hopes to see you all soon. This is the place to be,Adam said elite is all about positive reinforcement. 3 cheers.


Thank to all the coaches! This week has been an amazing experience for my son!! This is definitely the camp for a child who has or seeks self respect! A positive sense of leadership and a team frame of mind!! I am so amazed of the quality of skills the team brought to the youths throughout the whole 5 days!! Peace always keep up the good work!!


This is the place you want your child to be if they show even a remote interest or all out love for the game of basketball.

My son has attended clinics and summer camps consistently throughout the years at Elite’s different locations and has been exposed to multiple directors and varsity coaches and everywhere he has attended the staff have always and consistently demonstrated their incredible knowledge of the game and the fundamentals of the sport, the ability to relate well with all different kinds of children yet being aware of those who are excelling and working with them to take their game to another level, their ability to make the experience fun while still demonstrating to them the need for discipline and hard work. Most importantly, it is evident that all the staff at Elite wants to be there and loves teaching the game! A testament to the owners and directors! Thank you Elite Camps…continued success!’



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