Life Is A Sport

The Life is a Sport book series crystallizes how participation in sports can help prepare children, adolescents, and young adults for success later in life.

Whether you are the athlete, their parent or coach you will learn what is gained through the good, the bad, the ugly and amazing experiences that happen in sport.

Little Baller Series

Elite Camps created the Little Baller Series to inspire the youngest of basketball players (ages 1-3).

The basketball world is multicultural, so below are 12 toddler books, each with the same story but a different main character.

Find the book the your child can relate to and give them the gift of sport.

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Game Plan 2.0

Written as an engaging and heartfelt story, Game Plan 2.0 provides you with an inspirational blend of sports wisdom and practical life lessons that will help you reclaim your passion, blast through mediocrity, and become the All-Star of your own life.

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Team Huddle

Help Your Team Build Deeper Connections This Season

How To Play

1) Sit or stand as a group

2) Place cards on a table in 3 piles

     Level 1

     Level 2

     Level 3

3) Coach chooses 5 cards from Level 1

     Reads one question out loud

     Coach and players answer the question in turn

     Repeat for the remaining 4 cards

4) Repeat the process for Level 2 and 3


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