Elite Camps D-League

*ELITE CAMPS HAS CHANGED THE AGES FOR OUR D-LEAGUE! We have listened to your feedback and have changed the ages of our divisions. We will now offer ages 8-9 division, 10-11 division and 12-13 division. We are all about developing our athletes the right way and we think these changes will make a big difference.

The ELITE CAMPS D-LEAGUE is a youth basketball league designed for athletes that are ready to learn team play strategies through more game-time experience and expert coaching. This program prides itself on athletes who have a good fundamental base and would love more scrimmage time.

The D-League offers a team cooperation curriculum designed to foster decision making, confidence, teamwork, and basketball IQ. We provide athletes with skills to work together as a team.


Required Skill Level

To enroll in the D-League you must meet the following criteria*:
  • Should have prior organized basketball experience – i.e. lessons, house-leagues, rep teams, camps.
  • Should have knowledge and ability on individual basketball fundamentals such as:  layups, dribbling, defense, passing/catching, triple threat, shooting form, etc.  We will NOT be teaching or working on these skills as part of this clinic.  The participants will need to be able to perform these skills at least at a basic level to make it possible to work on game-strategies and skills.

Meet ALL of the checklist requirements below:

D-League Checklist

  • Shoot with proper shooting form
  • Make 5 layups in a row from your strong-side
  • Stationary pound dribbling with either hand (head up)
  • Full court dribbling left hand and right hand
  • Proper weak-hand layup footwork and mechanics
  • Execute “L”, ”V” & Backdoor cuts
  • Ability to attack out of triple threat
  • Pass and catch firm passes
* At Elite Camps we believe in boosting self-esteem, please put your child in a situation where they can be successful. If your athlete does not meet the criteria of the program or does not understand the check list – they are not ready for the D-league and will be most successful continuing in our weekly lessons.


Program Layout:

8-9 Year Old Division:

    • 3 on 3
    • 40 minutes of team practice focusing on game strategy
    • Equal game play for 40 minutes
    • Awards for league champions
    • League All Stars

10-11 & 12-13 Year Old Division:

    • 5 on 5
    • 40 minutes of team practice focusing on game strategy
    • Equal game play for 35 minutes.
    • Last 5 minutes earned game play
    • Max of 10 athletes per team
    • Awards for league champions
    • League All Stars
Team Practice Curriculum:
  • Floor balance and spacing
  • Use of individual moves in team concepts
  • Team rebounding and outlet principles
  • Team transition principles
  • Primary and Secondary fast break
  • How to move without the ball
  • Establishing strong man-to-man team defense
  • Unified team offense
  • Game scenario strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How is this different from the Elite weekly lessons?
A:Athletes will be in a set curriculum designed to enhance
team/game playing strategies as opposed to individual skills.

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