Elite Camps D-League

The Elite Camps D-League is a youth basketball league designed for athletes that are ready to learn team play strategies through more game-time experience and coaching.

The D-League offers an inclusive team curriculum to help athletes with decision making, confidence, teamwork, and basketball IQ. We provide athletes with skills to work together as a team and play the game the right way.

See below for the different divisions of D-League:

TORONTO (Elite Training Centre)

  • Boys 8-9 years old
  • Boys 10-12 years old 
  • Boys 10-12 years old
  • Boys 13-16 years old
  • Girls 10-13 years old

Player stats, team standings and schedule are posted online here: 

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About Our Elite Camps D-League Program

Required Skill Level

To enroll in the D-League you must meet the following criteria*:
  • Should have prior organized basketball experience – i.e. Elite Camps Weekly Lessons, house-leagues, rep teams, or camps.
  • Should have knowledge and ability on individual basketball fundamentals such as:  layups, dribbling, defense, passing/catching, triple threat, shooting form, etc.
  • We will NOT be teaching or working on these skills as part of this program.  The athletes will need to be able to perform these skills at least at a basic level to make it possible to work on game-strategies and skills.

Athletes should meet ALL of the checklist requirements below:

D-League Checklist:

  • Shoot with proper shooting form
  • Make consistent open layups
  • Dribbling on the move with either hands with their head up
  • Be able to cut and get open
  • Ability to pivot without traveling
  • Pass and catch firm passes
At Elite Camps we believe in boosting self-esteem, please put your child in a situation where they can be successful. If your athlete does not meet the criteria of the program or does not understand the check list – they are not ready for the D-league and will be most successful continuing in our weekly lessons.

Program Layout:

  • 1.5 hour sessions
  • 30 minute team practice
  • Team practice follows curriculum designed specifically for each age
  • Game-time = 8 – 4 minute shifts *(equal play game)
  • Last 4 minutes earned game play
  • Game-time is 5 on 5
  • Max of 10 athletes per team
  • Awards for league champions
  • League All Stars

*Equal play games mean players are numbered. For example if a team has 8 players, the first shift will consist of players numbered 1-5. The next shift would be 6,7,8,1,2. This would continue the whole game until the last shift.

Team Practice Curriculum:
  • Floor balance and spacing
  • Use of individual moves in team concepts
  • Team rebounding and outlet principles
  • Team transition principles
  • Primary and Secondary fast break
  • How to move without the ball
  • Establishing strong man-to-man team defense
  • Unified team offense
  • Game scenario strategies

Q:How is this different from the Elite weekly lessons?
A:Athletes will be in a set curriculum designed to enhance team/game playing strategies as opposed to individual skills.