School Programs

Elite Camps comes right to your school or club team and runs a number of different school programs just for your students and athletes.  Programs include:  after school programs, team clinics, team-training, coach’s clinics and lunch-time programs.  A typical after school program is described below, for details on other types of school or club programs or clinics please contact us directly.

After School Program

Elite Camps offers a fun and interactive basketball program that focuses on individual skills, and team work.

All after school programs are 1 hour in length (half hour of skill work and a half hour scrimmage)

Skills Covered:

      • Shooting
      • Triple Threat
      • Passing
      • Ball Handling
      • Life Skills
      • Rebounding
      • Defense

Required Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
This is a fun way to learn and stay active playing basketball.

How Can You Get Elite in Your School or Club?
Call us at (905) 326-9214 or email us at We can help.

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