Helping Families Navigate Sport

For over 23 years, the Elite Camps team has watched thousands of athletes grow and experience the amazing sport of basketball.

As owners and directors of Elite Camps, our full-time team has experienced sport as elite athletes: developing through high school and the OBA rep system, transitioning to university play as both recruits and ‘walk-ons’.

With children of our own, our experience as sports parents, rep coaches, and team managers, we have experienced the ups and downs of supporting athletes at the youngest level to pursuing NCAA scholarships.

While we are still on our own sport-parent journeys, we have learned many lessons along the way and want to offer our support. The Elite Camps team is now available for consulting – both athletes and parents - to offer guidance to you and your child, as you experience and navigate the athlete’s journey.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Over the years, you have invited us into your village and we have provided on-court training. We are now here to support your family off-court as well. Welcome to the Elite Camps Village.

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Stephanie Rudnick

Director & Founding Owner

• A basketball “mom” of 3 boys, ages 11,16,18, all have played rep basketball - our 16 & 18-year-olds currently play prep basketball in the US and hope to get an NCAA scholarship
• Founder of Elite Basketball Camps (
• Played at the University of Toronto – Women’s Varsity Team
• Represented Canada at the Maccabi Games
• Degree in Physical & Health Education from the University of Toronto
• President of the Ontario Basketball Association – 2016 - 2020
• My passion is teaching life lessons learned in sport for success in life. I am excited to share my experience as an athlete and as a sport parent to help and support families on their own basketball journey.

How Can I Help?
Sometimes children don’t want to hear their parents' advice.
People are often surprised when I share that our own three boys feel the same way. I too have hired mentors that connect with my boys to help them navigate their sports journey.

I can help you as the parent:
• Find the “right” rep team for your athlete
• Talk about issues that come up during the season
• Discuss what your athlete should be doing in the off season and how you can support with their basketball goals
• Understand why the tough times your athlete experiences in sport will help them become successful in life

I can talk to your athlete about:
• How to deal with their coach
• How to deal with a teammate
• How to get off the bench
• How balance school & basketball
• Guidance on developing and managing your basketball goals and plans.

David Rudnick

Elite Camps Co-Owner & PPT Head Trainer

• Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Founding owner and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Progressive Performance Training (PPT -
• Co-owner of Elite Basketball Camps (
• Currently a rep basketball coach for the Northern Kings Grade 6 Premier team. Experience coaching for 8 years at the elementary, high school, and rep levels.
• A basketball “dad” of 3 boys ranging from 11 to 17. 2 boys currently play prep basketball in the US. One plays rep basketball in Ontario.
• Dedicated to continuous learning -always travelling around Canada and the US to learn/certify from the leaders in basketball and strength and conditioning.
• Passionate about helping young athletes learn that with consistent smart work over a long time, they can dramatically alter their trajectory and achieve their goals on and off the court.

How Can I Help?
• Guidance on strength and conditioning for basketball players, and other team and individual sport athletes.
• Guidance on how to find the “right” team
• Guidance on developing and managing your basketball goals and plans

Jahlica Kirnon

Day Camp Director

• Elite Camps - Director of Operations, Day Camps and Programming
• 10 + years of experience coaching (Private 1:1, Small Group Training, Boys and Girls Basketball Teams
• Played Basketball at Cape Breton University (Women’s Varsity Basketball Team)
• Social Worker MSW, BSW, B.A, BACS
• In good standing with the Ontario Colleges of Social Workers
• Experience facilitating group programs
• Mentor for youth and adults
• I enjoy working with others to help them reach their next level
• Always a student of the game - working with other to improve themselves on and off the court

How Can I Help?
• Offer information and guidance around being a student and or a student athlete
• Offer mentorship to athletes with regards to game play/ player positioning on the court
• Talk to athletes setting and maintaining goals
• Work with students and or athletes through stress and anxiety that may hinder moments in their daily lives

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Sharon Butler Coach Mom


As a former varsity athlete and now a high performance executive, mom, leader and coach, Stephanie has been of tremendous support.  After a couple of brief conversations with my son, Stephanie was able to help him understand his strengths and gain clarity on a plan to excel in rep basketball – so he too can work to pursue his Hoop Dreams! - Rob Renaud