Micro-Failures In Sport Builds Resilient Kids

January 31, 2023

. As parents, we want our children to be successful on the court—and in life. But often, when kids experience frustration or setbacks when playing sports, they become discouraged and want to give up. It is important to help our children embrace micro-failures to help them reach their full potential. What are Micro-Failures? Micro-failures are…

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Manners Are Forgotten On The Basketball Court

March 28, 2022

Kids are taught to say please and thank you and mind their manners at school and in the community. But as coaches, we know that manners can be forgotten on the court. Practices or games. Rep teams or house league. Athletes may roll their eyes, throw up their hands, or forget that everyone involved should…

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A Concrete Basketball Court Can Hurt Your Athlete’s Body

March 22, 2022

Did you know that basketball players land with 3x the force of their natural bodyweight when they rebound or do a lay-up? Court surface matters. Shock absorption is the ability of a sports floor to reduce the force of impact on one’s body. The shock absorption of court surface matters for children’s developing joints, especially…

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Bad Referee Call = Life Lesson

March 7, 2022

  Today, I watched my 11-year-old son become frustrated when he disagreed with the referee’s call. It was the last call of the game. Even though my son’s team played their best of the season, and my son scored and rebounded well, he was upset at the final buzzer. As he walked off the court,…

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