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I understand the challenges of growing a sports business in an increasingly competitive market. Much like yours, my business had humble beginnings. With no facilities of our own, we grew our business using gym permits and rentals. 

Now I have more than two decades of experience with indoor and outdoor basketball facility construction and business growth. I have lessons to share and solutions to offer that will save you time and money - whether you are starting your business from scratch, growing and expanding, building facilities, or looking to optimize staff training and retention.





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I am one of the few sport professionals who identify specifically as an "entrepreneur."

I have served as the Owner and Business Director of Elite Camps since founding the company in 1999. Elite Camps has become one of the largest basketball organizations of its kind in Canada, serving over 6000 athletes annually.

In 2016, Elite Camps built a 12,500 square feet basketball facility in Toronto, and in 2019, constructed the Elite Outdoor Leadership Centre in the South Bruce Peninsula, including 14 new buildings, 5 outdoor courts, and an indoor gymnasium.

With a degree in Physical & Health Education from the University of Toronto, more than two decades of basketball and sports industry experience, and a profound appreciation for the nitty-gritty realities of building and managing multiple facilities, I find solutions.

I also bring a unique perspective to discussions surrounding the business of sport.

Above all, I am a proud wife to David, and mother to Ryan, Jeremy, and Nathan Rudnick.

Every dream has its foundation.

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