Rep Prep Camp

Rep Prep Camp (Ages 10-13)

The Rep Prep is designed to prepare basketball players for the upcoming rep season. The camp offers a tough, fast-paced program to simulate what the athletes will experience in rep game scenarios.

Required Skill Level:  Rep Players only

This Camp is by Invite-Only

Camp Highlights


•            Shooting

•            Ball Handling

•            Passing

•            Footwork

•            Cutting

•            Finishing at the basket with contact

•            Dribbling against pressure defense



•            Team offensive principles

•            Half court Spacing

•            Transition

•            Game situational drills

•            Off Ball movement

•            Penetration and kick

•            Read and React

•            Team defensive principles

•            Playing under pressure

•            Time and score

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my child be invited to camp?
A: Athletes will be selected from Elite Camps programs such as Weekly Lessons, D-League, Semi-Private Training or Summer Camps.

Q: What should my child wear to camp?
A: Athletes should bring a water bottle, and be ready to play basketball, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and basketball shoes.

Q: Will my child be outside playing basketball?
A: All basketball camp programs take place inside in the gym.

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