Shooting Camp

(Ages 10-13 & 13-17)

The Elite Camps Shooting Camp is a progression-based program that will teach athletes how they can work to become a remarkable shooter.
Repetition = Success.

Required Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

More About Our Shooting Camp Program

Basketball Skill Development

  • 5,000+ shots during the week with proper/consistent form and proper progression
  • Shooting form
  • Hand Positioning/Body Positioning
  • Release points/Arc and Trajectory
  • Balance and strength
  • Range locator and improving perimeter shooting
  • Quick release
  • Shooting touch and focus
  • Free-throws
  • Shot critique and drills to improve individual problems
  • Walk-away with a shooting workout with proper progression and tracking techniques to measure improvement

Q: Does this camp deal with anything other than shooting?
A: Everything at the camp is focused on shooting.

Q: Will I be a flawless shooter after leaving this camp?
A: No. But you will have the skills and knowledge needed to train yourself to be a more successful shooter.